Our Projects

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A + E House

Architectural Services: New House

Arthur and Emma wanted a new family home for their newly bought section in Karamu subdivision, Christchurch. Together we investigated what was important for them, and how to best balance their desire for a sustainable, high performing house within the given budget. The result is a cleverly designed two-storied solution with delightful spaces that will be enjoyed for their lifetime. This project is currently being documented.

Kinstead Kitchen

Architectural Services: Alteration

The Kinstead House, located in Whataupoko, Gisborne, is a two-storied bungalow that was built in the 1920's, and once served as the local postmaster's house. Tell Architecture was engaged to re-design the kitchen, while not moving any of the major appliances. The solution is a fresh design that opens up to the adjacent living room with a new island, making it more socially connected, and lifting the house into this decade. This project is currently being undertaken by a local joiner.

Quail Island

Architectural Writing

Tell Architecture is currently involved in a study of Quail Island, Charteris Bay, Canterbury. This project involves unravelling Quail Island's rich history, understanding the built forms the island has hosted, and generating a story through drawing and written language. It is hoped this story will be produced as an illustrated book for the education and enjoyment of many people.