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About Tell Architecture

Our Story

To tell is to give an account or narration, comprehend, discover or discern. To give information, have an effect, reveal or give away a secret. To know, recognise, be certain. To tell is to have or produce an impact.


Abigail, Director of Tell Architecture, is a NZ Registered Architect and born storyteller. She believes that architecture should be a response to who you are, the site and its context. Tell Architecture was founded in 2018 to bring architecture and writing together, into a fresh way of doing both. 


Because doing architecture should be about telling a story. Just as you open a book, you step into a building. Both writing and experiencing buildings (or spaces) are a way of taking part in a story. This experience should be a delightful one, where pride is taken in the material choices, the light and quality of spaces.


These choices should be enjoyed and understood because the buildings we love, play and work in have a profound impact on our lives. It is Tell Architecture’s purpose to design buildings that Tell (these) Stories, and to write stories that Tell Architecture.

Our Story: Inner_about
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